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CNC was established in 1993. At CNC, our staff of experienced authorized sales professionals and superior certified technicians offer only the finest in computing and network solutions for your company. Our extensive product line includes: Original Equipment Manufacturers "OEM" name brand computer systems and network products, Windows networks, Windows servers and workstations, IBM Compatible Clones, UNIX systems and networks, "CAD" products, Multimedia Specialty products, Point of Sale "POS” equipment and software, hardware, software, system upgrades, peripheral equipment and superior “LOCAL” certified technical services. At CNC, we utilize the latest in proven compatible computing, network and peripheral technologies, the absolute lowest prices for the highest quality computing products available anywhere, combined with superior “LOCAL” certified technical services to provide your company with a superior choice for all your companies computing, network and peripheral solutions.

Our experienced authorized professional consultants and superior certified technicians take pride in offering your company only the finest in premium quality products, superior technical services, business software expertise and training for your specific business requirements. Please call today to discuss how CNC can save you from the headaches of computer, network and peripheral problems, while saving you time and money, Don't waste your time and money paying some unqualified technician for their incompetence by charging your company for repairs that take twice as long as they should have, problems that were never completed or repairs that still aren’t fixed right today.

Let CNC’s staff of experienced professionals show you how to solve all your computing and network problems. Don’t be satisfied with poor quality products, refurbished products or incompetent technical services, call CNC to assure you that your company receives the finest quality products at the best prices, with superior "LOCAL" certified technical services. Now your company can afford the very best in computing, network and peripheral solutions.

At CNC, we will share over 15 years of professional computing, network and peripheral experience, to formulate a total solution for all your computing requirements. CNC's experienced computing specialists will propose, develop and implement, cost effective computing, networking and peripheral solutions for all business requirements by utilizing your existing resources, upgrading in-house equipment (when applicable), recommending the absolute latest in proven compatible computing technologies and implementing professional business software to real business productivity. CNC offers the lowest prices on the highest quality computing equipment available anywhere, combined with advanced product research to assure quality and compatibility in all hardware, software, network and peripheral integration. Our experienced certified technicians will provide your company with a superior choice for client / server networks, peer to peer networks, technical support, training, repair and contract maintenance services.

Knowledge is Power, by eliminating the potential for mistakes, researching professional business applications, development of a proper course of action and implementation of a budgeted plan, we will resolve the problems we face in the very complicated, every-changing world of computing, network and peripheral technologies. Assure your company’s computing success, by offering them the very finest technical support, repair and maintenance services available at the best rates. We are committed to undertaking and resolving your computing, networking and peripheral problems, by asking the critical questions, researching essential technical data and analyzing the appropriate options to make the correct decisions. At CNC, we excel in explaining your choices in a technical prospectus as well as layman English. Through the exchange of information, research and experience, CNC provides the optimum in computing, network and peripheral solutions for your company.

CNC is dedicated and committed to offering superior computing solutions for your company, as our excellent customer references will confirm. CNC fills your companies requirement for an honest, reliable, competent, knowledgeable, dependable and competitive supplier for all your company's computing, network and peripheral needs. Please take a moment to review our current pricing and product information. Call CNC, to discuss specific current requirements, custom servers, workstations, networks, hardware, software, custom programming or peripheral quotes. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please call should you have any current requirements, questions or require references. CNC offers the most reliable names in premium quality computing, network and peripheral products in the industry, matched with a knowledgeable experienced professional staff of certified technicians, competitive prices and superior LOCAL technical services. Call CNC today to discuss any issues, questions, requirements or references.

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